Newspaper Theme Review (Pro & Cons): How Best Theme it is for News/Magazine/Blogging

Newspaper NewsPaper Magazine Theme

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(Last Updated On: February 24, 2020)

Are you interested to purchase this Newspaper WordPress theme and want to know how good it is suitable for you? If you are interested to know about it, you are welcomed to this Newspaper Theme Review article. In this article, I will explain you everything about this Newspaper Theme.

And after reading this article, I believe you will know everything about it and will decide easily whether to purchase or not.

Brief about Newspaper theme:

Newspaper is a WordPress theme specially designed for News, Magazine, and Blog publishers, created by tagDiv, an Envato Power Elite author. It is Google Adsense ready theme and has a lot of essential features to make your site. It also supports videos from YouTube and features a rating system. The theme has integrated with bbPress Forum, BuddyPress, and WooCommerce. It uses the best clean SEO practices, and on top of that, it’s fast, simple, and easy to use.

Newspaper theme is the most popular and best-selling news WordPress theme of all time on ThemeForest.


While purchasing the WordPress theme, design aspect is one of the main factors to consider. If the theme has no any design that you like for your website, there is no point to purchasing that theme.

In case of NewsPaper WordPress theme, what are the design factors that encourage you to purchase this theme? I have tried to bring all the design aspect here so that you would know everything about it before purchasing.

Here’s is the list of design features:

  • Header styles

Header style is one of the factors to consider while purchasing the theme. Only the best header option will encourage you to purchase.

Newspaper theme currently offers 15 different Header Styles, each with its own unique design such as Default, Top menus, Boxed dark menu, Boxed dark menu with logo, Full dark menu with logo, Boxed dark menu on right with logo, Hybrid menu on right with logo, Hybrid menu 2, Full logo on top, Full logo on top + center menu, Top menus + bottom full menu, Top colored menu with logo et.

Every layout comes with a logo spot and a custom ad spot to maximize your income. On every style, you can change the colors, opacity, and fonts.

With Newspaper theme, it is very easy to set up the header for your website.

Here’s step by step guide:

step 1 – Navigate to Newspaper > Theme panel > Header style to access the header options. You will see 7 sections.

step 2 – Expand the Header Style section and select the desired Header template. All options will automatically load based on your selection.

step 3 – Click the Save Setting button

  • Top bar templates

The top bar is located in the top section of the header and gives you the option to display the data such as log in/join, top menu, and social icons. This Newspaper WordPress theme comes with four different templates to give you the freedom to customize the top section to best fit your needs.

Newspaper offers five beautiful layouts for the top bar to offer you multiple options for customizing your site. You can choose what items you want to display and how to order them in the top section.

The top bar theme panel section contains the following options:

Perhaps you may have seen social icons, date et. on the top bar. The theme comes with the top bar enabled by default. But you have the freedom to show top or not and manage the top bar in your own way.

Here are the options for the top bar.

  1. Enable top bar – As already mentioned, the theme comes with the Top Bar enabled by default. But if you would like to disable it, you can do it. For this, just go to Theme Panel – Header and expand the Top Bar section. Turn off the button in the Enable Top Bar section.
  2. Top Bar Layout – You can decide how to order the top bar items. To do that go to Theme Panel – Header and expand the Top Bar section. Choose one of the four layouts and click on it.
  3. Show Top Menu – This option allows you to enable or disable menu in the top bar. To do that go to Theme Panel – Header and expand the Top Bar section. Turn the button on or off to Enable or Disable menu Top Bar section.
  4. Select the top menu – You can decide what menu you want to display in the top bar section. Go to Theme Panel – Header and expand the Top Bar section. Select the desired menu from the drop box option.
  5. Show social icons – This option allows you to show the social icons in the top bar. To do that, go to Theme Panel – Header and expand the Top Bar section. Turn the button on or off to Enable or Disable Social Icons for Top Bar section
  6. Show Sign in / Join – This option allows you to Enable or Disable Sign in / Join section in the Top Bar.
  7. Show date – This option allows you to display the date in the top bar. To do that go to Theme Panel – Header and expand the Top Bar section. Turn the button on or off to Enable or Disable Date section in the Top Bar
  8. Date format – After you decide to add the date in the top bar, just type the desired format to display it.
  9. Javascript date – Enable this if you use a cache plugin, it displays the local data.
  10. Show weather – It displays weather info for the selected location.
  11. API key – Insert the API key for the top bar widget.
  12. Location – Here you add the location for the weather info panel
  13. Units – Choose what units to use when showing the temperature (Celsius or Fahrenheit)

After you finished customizing this section click the Save Settings button.

  • Menu (Mega Menu)

The Newspaper theme is so versatile, that you can choose where you want to use the menus. The theme supports custom WordPress menus, with multiple levels of drop down for the main menu. There are three areas of the theme where you can display a menu: the Top bar, the Main Menu and the Footer Menu.

And this Newspaper theme comes with Mega menus supported. It is very useful if you want to show posts from specific categories inside the menu. The mega menu has subcategory support, meaning that your visitors can switch from a category to another one in the menu. Mega Menu creation os very easy as explained below.

Here’s step by step guide:

  1. Go to Appearance > Menu
  2. Add menu items from the left panels (Pages, Links, Categories)
  3. Click on the menu item and select the Category that you want to use from the drop-down
  • Footer

This Newspaper WordPress theme comes with 12 different footer styles. Some footer templates contain predefined content like the Footer info content.  But you can customize the footer by adding text, widgets or social icons, and maximize your website’s impact on the audience. The footer uses the widget area to display information.

Step to set up the footer:

Step 1 – Navigate to Newspaper > Theme panel > Footer > Footer settings panel to access the footer options. You will see 3 sections.

Step 2 – Expand the Footer Settings section and select a Footer template. All options will automatically load based on your selection.

Step 3 – Click the Save Settings button

  • Category

Newspaper gives you the freedom to transform the category pages into creative interfaces. You have multiple templates for the category header and on the top section, you can use 22 different grids and 7 new styles. With NewsPapaer theme, you can display your posts in various ways, customize your sidebars, and use unlimited colors and background options for all category templates.

The category top post style refers to the grid present in the top section of the category page. The grid adds value to the page display and it draws visitors attention to the category latest posts. You can change the grid displayed on all the categories and also on specific categories. For example, you can have a global setting for all categories to use Grid 3, and you can also specify that “category 1” will use Grid 2 and “category 2” will use Grid 4.

The theme has 12 different layouts (called Grids) as well as 10 new full-width grids for the category top post section.

  • Single Post

This Newspaper theme allows you to display your single post content in different ways. The theme offers 14 unique post templates for you. You can set single post template for all contents or can use a different template for a different post.

The Newspaper theme is social networks friendly. All the articles have sharing buttons at the start of the article and at the end of the article.

You can set the counter on a single post. Ajax post views counter allows you to keep counting post views with cache plugins. Enabling this feature will update the post views, on single post pages, using Ajax.

There are Global setting and individual post settings.

  • Global settings – These options will be applied to all posts, and you can find them in the Theme Panel > Post Settings
  • Individual post settings (called Page Options) – you can apply them individually for each post. You will find these options under your post while editing.

If you want to display related posts in a single post, you can easily display them. For this, you don’t need to install an extra plugin. The Newspaper theme has been designed to display similar posts at the bottom of every article. In the Related Articles section, the theme displays three or five articles per row, depending on the selected layout.

To set related post, go to Newspaper >Theme Panel > Post Settings > Related article, you can customize the way these articles are displayed.

In a single post, you can enable more articles box. More Articles Box appears when a user scrolls on a single post at least 400px. The box appears in the right bottom corner and it can show one or more posts related to the current one.

  • Demo

Newspaper comes with around 48 homepage demos. I think you will like one of them. For the beginners, it is very difficult to design the site like on the demo. Because of advanced features to be utilized, users are confused to get the final solution for them.

NewsPaper theme comes with 48 homepage demos.


Newspaper Theme Panel is at the center of this theme from where all the options and setting can be accessed.

There are many functionalities of Newspaper theme which have made it as one of the best themes for news/magazine or blogging site.

here’s some of the functionality:

  • One click demo install

One click demo install makes this theme as one of the best choices for many customers as it reduces the design time for them. For beginners, it might be difficult to design the site like a demo. But with this NewsPaper theme, you don’t worry about it. Just implement one-click demo installation. You can install the demo you like for you. This newspaper theme comes with 48 different homepages.

  • Breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs has some weight on SEO. If you have enabled Breadcrumbs on your site, it is good for Google and many other search engines.

With NewsPaper theme, there is Breadcrumbs feature that’s great for you.

  • Font Awesome Menus

Use of font icons on the menu makes your site professional. With Newspaper theme, you will be able to use font awesome icons on the menu.

  • WPBakery Page Builder

The addition of WPBakery Page Builder has made this Newspaper theme as one the best choice. WPBakery Page Builder is one of the most popular drag and drop page builder to create the stunning page for you.

  • Google Adsense ready

Without Google Adsense, many publishers would have stopped their publishing business. Google Adsense has been one of the best sources of revenue for all. But for the publishers, the website must be Google Adsense ready, i.e. ready to use Google Adsense.

This Newspaper theme is Google Adsense ready.

  • Responsive Google AdSense support via custom admin panel – the script loads a different Google Adsense spot for each screen size. Once it’s loaded it doesn’t modify it in order to be 100% compliant with Google AdSense TOS.
  • Responsive ads support – for ad networks that allow multiple ad spots on the same div or if you want to show your own ads on different devices. This option will change the ad spot on the fly, for example when a tablet is changed from landscape to portrait. (the header banner from the demo site is using this system)

Being Google Adsense ready theme, you can easily increase your revenue by using this theme.

  • Smart Sidebar

The smart sidebar is one of the great features of this Newspaper theme.

But What does the smart sidebar mean on your website?

Smart sidebar indicates that you can set up and assign different sidebars to different pages, categories, and posts. With Newspaper theme, you can easily achieve that. This gives you endless opportunities to add value to your website. The smart sidebar is an affix (sticky) sidebar. This means that it stays in the viewport while scrolling the content. It can be enabled sitewide on all the pages that have a sidebar, assigned to a post or it can be activated on a row using the tagDiv Composer page builder.

  • tagDiv Composer

It is specially crafted for blogs, news, and magazines websites, with dedicated features, giving you a unique way to build pages. Moreover, all the changes you make are happening live! tagDiv Composer is a highly optimized plugin, designed to work seamlessly with Newspaper theme to give you performance and reliability.

  • Mobile Theme

Making the website on mobile as fast as on desktop has been challenging for many theme developers in the world. But Newspaper author is one step ahead in this case.

Newspaper comes with the Mobile Theme. The Mobile Theme is a lighter, performance optimized theme included in the Newspaper main template and it loads only on mobile devices. It comes with it’s own templates for the page, post, category, etc.

This feature is a built-in plugin designed to automatically display an optimized version of your website on small screen devices, increasing the loading speed of your pages.

  • Premium plugins (Bonus plugins)

Newspaper theme brings you five premium plugins: tagDiv Composer, tagDiv Social Counter, Revolution Slider, tagDiv Mobile Theme, tagDiv Speed Booster, and Visual Composer.

  • Third party plugin compatible

Despite great features on Newspaper theme, it has not covered some of the features provided by popular plugins. But there is no problem with those plugins. Because all the plugins are compatible with this theme. Plugins such as Yoast, WP Super Cache, Contact Form 7, bbPress, BuddyPress, Jetpack, and WooCommerce etc. works well with this theme.

Other features:

  • Live search with Ajax and up down keys
  • One click demo install
  • Woocommerce support
  • Custom bbpress styling + custom login system – you can now build a community with ease.
  • Custom auto scaling content blocks – a block changes its structure to work perfectly (in sidebar, full width or pages with sidebar)
  • Responsive Google AdSense support via custom admin panel
  • Responsive ads support
  • Inline Google AdSense or other ads after a predefined number of paragraphs
  • Auto YouTube, Dailymotion and Vimeo thumb downloader – just paste a YouTube url and the site will automatically download the largest image available from the clip and it will set it as a featured image.
  • Built-in review system (stars, percents, points)
  • SEO: Schema with rich snippet microdata for articles and reviews
  • Built-in translation support from admin panel.
    Google fonts – change the fonts easily from the Theme panel
  • Sticky navigation menu – with option to enable, disable or enable only on big screens (not on phones)
  • Each category has:
  1. 8 category templates styles
  2. 12 category top posts styles – each with 7 unique grid styles
  3. 19 custom module style (loop style)
  4. custom colors
  5. custom background image
  6. custom sidebar + position(left, full, right)
  • Unlimited sidebars – each post, page, a category can have its own sidebar. Also, all the author, search, tag, blog index templates have custom sidebars
  • Built in related posts based on tags, author or category
  • 14 footer layouts
  • Custom pagebuilder elements
    Big Grid slide
    12 Big Grids
    25 Blocks
    Social counter with 10 unique styles
    Instagram widget
    Weather widget
    Exchange widget
    News ticker
    Video playlist
    Text with title
    Ad box
    Homepage post
    Popular category
    IOS Slider
  • Custom widgets
    Popular category widget
    Author box widget
    Social counter widget
    Ad box
    25 Blocks
    Instagram widget
    Weather widget
    Exchange widget
    Text with title


We have tested Newspaper theme default demo on different page speed tests, and loads at medium speed. Data from the Google page speed insight indicates this page’s median FCP (1.8s) and DCL (3.9s) ranks it in the bottom third of all pages. This page has a good level of optimization because few of its resources are render-blocking. Learn more.


As NewPaper is a News/Magazine/Blogging WordPress theme, it comes with a lot of features and settings, which might be a little difficult for the beginners. But if you spend few hours on this theme, you will be able to make exactly the same demo type site for you. However, the theme comes with great detailed documentation and a support team.

Newspaper Theme has no RTL support.


NewsPaper is one of the best themes for making the news/magazine/blogging site. The theme has so clean and neat design that any visitors will be impressed to see your site. It has many functionalities and features to make your site’s look professional and beautiful. If you have already the news or magazine or blog, it’s the right time to change your site design with this NewsPaper theme. Or if you are going to start your own magazine or blog, this theme can be best for you.

The best features mentioned above will definitely encourage you to buy this theme. Beautiful design and other great features are an important factor but fast loading is another very important factor. This Newspaper theme has been built keeping in mind that it should be fast loading site on smaller devices. Theme’s Mobile Theme features might definitely make your site one step ahead.

So if you want to make your news/magazine/blog site beautiful without any line of coding, this NewsPaper theme will be great choice for you.

What do you think about NewsPaper Theme Review ?

Or have you already used this NewsPaper Theme? If you have already used this theme, please let us share your experience in the comment section below.

Newspaper WordPress Theme (Rating)

$ 59






















  • Modern and Responsive Design
  • Visual Composer and tagDiv Composer
  • Best Documentation
  • Google Adsense Ready


  • Not RTL support

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